Calculus I: Review Problems I: Limits, continuity, derivatives, and tangent lines. A handful of solved problems. 

Calculus I: Review Problems II: Riemann sums, definite integrals, antiderivatives (minor editorial corrections have been added)

Calculus I: Review Problems III: Antiderivatives, fundamental theorem of Calculus, areas, volumes, length of curves (minor editorial corrections added)

Calculus I: Review Problems IV: Shell and disk (washer) methods

Derivatives and Tangent Lines: Selected problems solved in detail. An elementary introduction to the computations behind these subjects. 

Calculus Problems Solutions: Selected problems solved in detail


Division Algorithm, roots of polynomials, and factorization

Practice Assignment I: Coordinates and geometry, algebra, exam (SAT) type problems. A variety of problems on these topics, many solved. 

Practice Assignment II: Arithmetic sequences, algebra, Pythagorean triples (rational and (some) irrational numbers), exam (SAT) type problems. 

Practice Assignment III: Algebra, Functions and Graphs, Euclidean Geometry (from the beginning).

Testing your Mathematical Reasoning: A good set of problems involving basic key concepts. Understanding what these problems involve will indicate that you have a solid background for a college education. Being able to solve many of them on your own will indicate the level of ability you have at this point. 

Final Review (solutions)

Sample Final Exam 

STEM Student Development

Mathematical Reasoning Problems I: Problems in Algebra and Pre-Calculus that help you develop mathematical reasoning and logic skills.

Mathematical Reasoning Problems II: Problems in Algebra and Pre-Calculus, logic, inequalities, absolute value, number systems, graphs.  

Mathematical Reasoning Problems III: Problems in Algebra and Pre-Calculus, arithmetic and geometric sequences, introduction to induction (series).

Mathematical Reasoning: An Overview.  A handful of problems that test thoroughly your ability and preparation for a mathematical college education.

Mathematical Reasoning: An Overview. Additional set of problems involving basic key concepts that provide a solid background for a college education.   

Linear Functions: Straight lines, linear functions, and arithmetic sequences

Absolute Value y=|x|: Broken lines, the geometric median problem, piece-wise linear functions.